A unique solution that is revolutionizing the Arabic classroom by empowering teachers with superpowers and leading students towards educational success

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Bring fun back to your classroom!

Bring fun back to your classroom!

Kamkalima offers you more than just content; it puts smart technology at your fingertips! Our tools bring excitement back to your classroom while helping your students develop their language competencies.

Created by teachers, for teachers.

Access unique resources in our digital library

Benefit from a dynamic resource bank of leveled reading material for your students in Grades 4-12. Our library has unique Arabic content that relates to young readers across 8 themes, with ready-made questions that test your student’s vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Prepare lesson plans in seconds using our Project Bank

Good lesson plans take a lot of time and effort. Our project bank supplies you with endless ideas and resources so you can save time preparing and assigning lessons. Every lesson plan has its own learning objectives, word bank, and assessment rubric available across 8 themes!

Understand each student’s performance with reports & analytics

Track all of your student’s progress over time with our analytics. We make it easier to identify weak points and strong points at the the individual level across specific literacy areas including spelling, grammar, writing mechanics, comprehension, and more! Our group analytics will help you recognize and understand each class’s performance and plan interventions at the class level.

Customizable assessment rubrics tailored just for you

Now it’s way faster and easier to evaluate students’ writing. We provide assessment rubrics for different forms of writing across different grade levels. These rubrics help students understand how they’re being graded, and help teachers evaluate student work critically and efficiently by providing feedback and points of improvement.

Learning Arabic is fun with Kamkalima!

Master writing skills with our bot, Fahim

Fahim wants everyone to be a really good writer. Our bot monitors student’s writing patterns and gives tailored feedback and tips for each student. These intelligent tips, or “intellitips”, are a form of personalized support for each student aimed to improve writing skills.

Celebrate exceptional student writing!

Our digital school library is home to some of the best student writing. If you want to motivate your students to produce great writing while celebrating their success, you can publish their work in the school library that is private to every school.

Discover unparalleled insight into teaching & learning

Understand your school’s Arabic department at the touch of a button

Kamkalima lets you monitor activities while tracking progress against set benchmarks that are crucial to the success of every Arabic department. Recognize advancement across specific curricular objectives and learning outcomes. Stay involved by monitoring engagement and activity levels for each teacher and student.